Adelaide Sri Lanka Buddhist Vihara was established in 1996 to promote Theravada Buddhism. The temple engages in a broad scale of Dhamma activities including conduction of Dhamma sermons as well as Seela and Bhavana (meditation) programs for the benefit of both Sri Lankan and non-Sri Lankan Buddhist community in Adelaide, South Australia. The temple also offers a Dhamma education program to children in the community through the Dhamma School (Sinhala Buddhist School).

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Location & Contact Info

13 Brookside Road, Athelstone SA 5076

  • Phone: +61 (08) 81650326

Donations / Subscriptions

A/C Name : Adelaide Sri Lanka Buddhist Vihara Inc.

Bank Name : Westpac Bank - Mitcham

A/C No : 129463 , BSB : 035044

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